moving london ontario

moving london ontario
moving london ontario movers

Sunday, 24 November 2013

Moving London Ontario - UNIVERSITYBRAND MOVERS moving a piano

Moving London Ontario

Movers London Ontario

universitybrand Movers

Here at UNIVERSITYBRAND MOVERS we move anything.  The pictures below are us moving a baby grand out of a basement with stairs.  Out of the 2500 moves we've done in the last year, we have yet to find anything we cant move! Enjoy!

Saturday, 21 September 2013

Local London Ontario Home Services Firm shares story in VC magazine

Local entrepreneurs, Chris Boundikas and Kevin Houben, are graduates of the University of Western Ontario and co-founders of universitybrand. Chris, having earned a double major in History and Psychology, and Kevin in Economics, never thought they would end up running a successful company in the moving and junk removal industry.

Thursday, 12 September 2013

I am Moving in London Ontario and found this Mover

Moving London Ontario - universitybrand movers

The fall is here and we have great rates for the exceptional moving services we provide.  Packing, loading, cross Ontario moving.  We do it all!

Wednesday, 4 September 2013



moving london ontario
We had a very successful move out and in period at the end of August.  Whether you are moving a house, townhouse, condo, student rental or apartment, we have the team and tools to do it.  We moved several thousand clients this summer within London, and we also completed regional moves that went to Halliburton, Toronto, Sarnia, Windsor just to name a few.  People trust us and you should to.  From the clean up to the move, we've got you covered!

Friday, 18 January 2013

Kitchener Waterloo has a New Mover in Town

Movers in Kitchener Waterloo Toronto

Since graduating from Wilfrid Laurier University in the spring of 2011, I have been searching for a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.  I have been searching for a chance to make a difference, give back to my community, and own my own business.  When I met the founders of Alumni Movers, I immediately realized that I had found just such an opportunity.  This business seeks out students and recent graduates to become part of what I like to call a rejuvenated Moving Industry, which until now had gained a somewhat poor reputation.  We mean to change that.

When I began working for Alumni Movers in Kitchener and Waterloo in the late summer of 2012, they had recently expanded in Ontario and were searching for someone who could one day manage the area.  My first few weeks were extremely busy, and many days would have 2 or even 3 jobs.  Right off the bat, I loved for a company that provided so many hours, not to mention a chance to help students, which up until that point had been a significantly unfulfilled need in the area.  With their competitive pricing and excellent customer service, Alumni Movers seemed to be a perfect fit for Ontario.  I also soon realized, as more and more responsibility was being thrust upon me, that I was being trained to one day be the company’s regional manager for the Tri City.  Never before had I had a job and boss who challenged me to expect more of myself and more from the industry that I was a part of.  “Why be just as good as every other moving company, when we can be so much better”, said Kevin Houben, a co-owner and my supervisor, on my first day with the company.

Soon after I began working for Alumni Movers, I became a driver and team captain as it were, and I started to notice what made us different than other moving companies;  Customer Service.  One job in particular that I remember occurred just after the end of the summer rush, and was for an elderly woman who had just been hospitalized due to health reasons.  She had just sold her 2 bedroom home in Kitchener with the intention to downsize.  This has become a relatively common scenario, although this was the first time that I had been asked to help pack a client’s things using another one of our services/products, University Green Bins.  This woman just happened to be a boarder-line hoarder, and it took my boss and I approximately 12 hours to pack all of her things, including two kitchens-worth of dishes, cutlery, crystal and silverware.  The Green Bins make it much easier to pack and are much stronger than boxes, which was great considering all of her things were going into storage for the time being.  We also reuse the Green Bins, so they cut down on waste and are very sustainable. 

After a full day of packing it took us another full day and two whole truck loads to empty this woman’s house and pack it securely into a large storage unit.  We have since returned to the storage unit and taken all of the large items, including two large China Cabinets, as well as all of her crystal and silverware to her new apartment.  We also finally had the chance to meet her, and were filled with a sense accomplishment when she shared with us how happy she was with our service, despite the difficulty of leaving her house behind.  It is through jobs like this one that I certainly begin to develop a sense of ownership and pride in the service that I provide.

I also recall one other move that left a lasting impression on me, and it just so happened to be one of three moves that all made for the longest day of work that I have ever had.  However, before I continue let me say that it is on these long, difficult days, that I feel the most pride in what I do, and where I am most filled with confidence in both the company I work for, and in my own abilities as a mover and manager.  It began as most other days at the end of the summer, with two smaller moves in the morning.  Neither of these first moves was too difficult, and my assistant and I were finished just before noon.  Our last move that day was for a couple in Toronto who were combining households and moving in together.  I asked my boss why they would hire us, since I was sure there was a plethora of moving companies in Toronto.  However, Kevin assured me that the couple had priced out other companies and despite the distance we would have to travel, our rates were competitive enough that they would still be saving money by having us do the job.  Pleasantly surprised, Kevin, one other mover (Corey) and I headed to Toronto, not knowing what to expect.

We began by loading the truck up with the clients furniture that were being stored at a downtown storage unit.  There were two lockers that needed to be emptied, which included large couches, heavy shelves and cabinets, and artwork.  Altogether, this first load pretty much filled the truck, so we headed to the drop off location to unload.  The second pick-up location was the male client’s apartment.  As soon as we arrived we realized that there was more than a truck-load worth of things, and that many of the items were valuable , so we would have to blanket and shrink-wrap them before loading them into the truck.  This in a normal practice for Alumni Movers, whether our clients choose to purchase our insurance or not.  There were several heavy items, as well as a couple couches that proved to be difficult getting out of the apartment and in and out of the elevator.  However, where there is a will there is a way, and after two loads, and almost 12 hours everything was in the new home and the clients were thrilled.  During our return trip to Kitchener/Waterloo I felt like there was nothing my company could not do, and indeed, even then, I started feeling like a small part of Alumni Movers was mine, and since then I have had a strong sense of ownership and the work we have done certainly shows this.

At the end of the day, as well as when I get up for work in the morning, I take pride in working for a moving company that provides opportunities to recent grads, challenges its employees to do more and do better than even they thought they could, seeks to redefine the moving industry with a heightened understanding of customer service,  and continues to give me the chance to develop invaluable management skills while I learn as much as I can about running, and hopefully one day owning, a small business.  Although, if things keep going as well as they have been, I doubt we’ll be small for very long.